Just Like You, We Love Food

Japanese matcha green tea desserts

This is where it begins. But what is this? To make it simple, this is an online diary of all our food adventures. We will document all our memorable encounters with food, whether it be eating or cooking, alongside with our homemade recipes that you might like to try in your very own kitchen. We’d love to share as much as we could because we love food and cooking a bit too much!

Oh, by the way, we’re Monica and Ros. We’re married (but not siblings! Friends fans, where ya at??) and we have a small family which includes our tiny but chunky black dogs, Bolton and Brutus. Even before we got married, we already love eating out during the weekends. Trying out new food and satisfying our cravings with old favorites never gets old for both of us. We love different kinds of food! We’re not (that) afraid to try new stuff and explore different flavors. We love food too much that a few years ago, we mutually agreed to not give each other gifts (with the exception of cheap Christmas stocking stuffers) and just eat wherever and whatever we want! We bond over food, to say the least.

Back when we tried Vietnamese coffee in Hanoi for the first time. It’s so cheap that we didn’t think twice returning.
One of the best set meals during our honeymoon in Japan: deep-fried oysters!

We learned how to cook early in our relationship, but it reached a different level of dedication when the pandemic started. Just like most of you, we were cooped up inside our home for at least two months, rarely going out, except for groceries. We did not eat out for a long time and so we had to be creative with our everyday meals. Before the pandemic happened, we used to meal plan for the whole week. We’d have around 3-4 meals that we would eat alternately so we don’t get tired of them (although sometimes we do). But ever since being quarantined at home, we quit meal planning altogether to add spontaneity into our lives. Since we don’t eat out for now, we thought it’s a good way to make up for it. We would look up online recipes and do our best attempt to replicate them. Sometimes they turn out good, but sometimes they don’t. No matter what, we eat them anyway!

This was supposed to be Cheddar Jalapeño bread. First, I didn’t use sharp cheddar, hence it didn’t look it had any cheese in it. Second, I didn’t chop the jalapeños into small tiny bits. It tasted good though! SO MUCH HEAT! – Monica
My first time baking chocolate chip cookies.
I was like a proud daddy and they’re my babies. – Ros

We also learned how to be creative with on-hand ingredients. There was shortage of some food items at the grocery stores which taught us how to substitute ingredients. There were instances we had to do away with one or two ingredients when there’s no other choice. That’s the beauty of cooking. It’s an adventure and it can be unpredictable. As we continue to navigate the kitchen, we will document our journey to let aspiring cooks know that they are not alone. There are many of us.

Apple pie from scratch! I made this for almost 4 hours! – Monica

There is no single type of diet we religiously stick to but we do our best to eat healthy food. On weekdays, we mostly eat vegetables with fish or chicken, and some occasional red meat. On Saturdays, it’s a different story: we eat junk food all day. By Sunday, we’re back to healthy eating again but with a little guilt in tow. Having said that, you can expect a wide variety of food content here because we eat different kinds of food. Also, we’re Filipinos, so you’ll see a little bit of our native cuisine from time to time.

To make things a little bit clearer, here’s what you can expect from our blog:

  • OUR HOMEMADE RECIPES. Homemade recipes that you can also cook in your kitchen. Nothing too complicated. Just food that tastes good.
  • HOMECOOKING EXPERIMENTS. We all do this, right? We’ll document our “experiment” and report back to you. What we’ll do is attempt to follow an online recipe and see if we can do it. It sounds simple, isn’t it? But based on experience, it can get really tricky! Lots of things can get in the way and that’s when it gets real in the kitchen.
  • FOOD REVIEWS. Honest opinions and observations about food that caught our attention.
  • ANYTHING FOOD-RELATED. Really, just any random interesting topic that involves food. No holds barred.

Well, that just about sums up all that we’re up to here! The joys of food and cooking is highly underrated because we do it everyday. It’s easy to take them for granted. What we want for us all is to experience eating and cooking on a whole new level, i.e. a fun, natural, learning experience. We’re looking forward to share this food and culinary journey with you, so COOK… EAT… WITH US!



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