Salted Egg Wings and One That’s Wrapped in Bacon Then Deep-Fried? We Tried Both and Here’s What We Think.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All featured food items contained in this article were purchased by us. All opinions and observations are our own.

We have a few intriguing foods already lined up for our first food review. Truth be told, we were supposed to review bizarre ice cream flavors for you, but we failed to place our order before the cut-off date, so let’s just do that next time. Nevertheless, we still have something special for our first food review! We’re huge chicken wings fans and we eat it at least once a month. Just a little trivia: we order out food only once a week (twice in rare instances) but when we do, we eat junk all day. We don’t hold back, really. But for the rest of the week, we do our best to eat healthy foods, like fruits, veggies and fish, that sort of thing.

Going back.

Where were we? Ah! We love chicken wings. But we especially love wings from Frankie’s. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings, contrary to its name, is actually based in Manila, Philippines. Just like any other food brands out there, they claim to be the “Best Chicken Wings in Manila”, but we can’t argue with that. Like we’ve said, we’re huge fans, particularly of their popular Classic Buffalo wings and Garlic Parmesan wings. We order these two flavors every time without getting tired of the taste. Though this time around, we’re going to review two flavors not usually part of our Frankie’s repertoire: Salted Egg and Kevin’s Bacon.

Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings Take Out Boxes
Salted Egg Flavor and Deep Fried Bacon Flavor Chicken Wings

Let’s talk about Salted Egg wings first, shall we?


Have you had salted eggs before? This cuisine, a product of food preservation, can be seen in Asian countries in particular. If you’re Asian, you probably know this and there’s a huge chance you love the flavor. For those who are not so familiar with the taste, we’ll do our best to describe it. Salted egg is as plain as it gets – it’s salted. However, there’s a huge difference between the level of saltiness, flavor, as well as the textures, of the egg yolk and the egg white. As expected, these two egg components always perform differently when not combined. Here’s how they differ. The egg white is way saltier than the yolk. Therefore, it’s more flavorful. But the yolk tastes better as it has the right amount of saltiness, and combined with its natural flavor and unique texture, which is pudgy, dense, and slightly starchy, it’s a super win. That is why salted egg yolk is a popular flavor in Asian snacks and desserts.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: What Frankie’s website says,“Rich flavor made from salted egg with a mild kick.”

Salted Egg Flavor Chicken Wings
Salted Egg Flavor Chicken Wings
Each piece is evenly coated with salted egg powder and spices. Our hunch is that they mainly used salted egg yolks, rather than whites.

We have to be honest here. It’s not our first time trying Salted Egg wings by Frankie’s. In fact, we’ve had it years ago when it was first launched, but at that time we didn’t like it as it was lacking in flavor. We can’t even taste the salted egg then. Fast forward to 2020, we decided to try it again after recovering from our disappointment and it turned out to be a risk worth taking. The taste, flavor, and presentation are spot on this time.

Despite each piece coated with an insane amount of powder, it’s not at all too dry and powdery in terms of mouthfeel. The taste is what you would expect from salted egg yolk. Not too salty, just the right amount, and it still has a hint of salted egg yolk texture described earlier. It delivers beyond salted egg experience because it truly has that mild kick! It has chunks of fresh red peppers incorporated in the powder coating which gives life to salted egg. Remove the spiciness from the equation and it wouldn’t taste as good as it does. Yes, it would have that salted egg flavor, but the spicy kick certainly helps you not get tired of the main flavor.

RATING: 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.


As to Kevin’s identity, we have no idea. What we know is that we haven’t encountered such a unique description of a bacon-themed chicken wings before as this one. We’ve had chicken wings smothered with cheese sauce and sprinkled with bacon bits before, but that’s about it. So when we saw the name Kevin’s Bacon, we looked into its description first because obviously its name doesn’t reveal anything as to what it is exactly.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: “Crispy chicken wings wrapped in hickory smoked bacon. The best of both worlds!” They forgot to add that it’s also covered with batter, deep-fried, drizzled with barbecue sauce, and sprinkled with parsley.

Deep fried bacon flavor chicken wings
Deep fried bacon flavor chicken wings

There is a lot to say about this flavor and we just don’t know where to exactly begin. Just like how it was prepared, it’s complicated. Well, first… we were expecting a crispy flavorful bacon on the inside, but there was none. On the first bite, it was all batter and only a hint of barbeque flavor. On the second bite, you’ll find pinkish bacon strips that are very, very far from crispy. To be brutally honest, the bacon strips look steamed, probably because it’s sandwiched between the chicken and the batter. The chicken itself is bland, borrowing the only flavor it has from the bacon. Same goes for the batter. If not for the hickory smoked bacon and the barbeque sauce, this wouldn’t taste like anything. The saddest part is, it doesn’t even taste good.

We’re puzzled as to why it has be coated with batter. (Btw, the batter is not crispy either) The only logical speculation we have is that they probably made use of this technique to prevent the bacon from getting loose and unraveling. They could’ve at least added another layer of breadcrumbs to make the texture interesting. Orrr they could’ve simply secured the bacon with toothpicks and deep fried the well-seasoned chicken wings. THAT’S IT. That’s already perfection. Because, let’s get real, who wants soggy bacon? No one.

RATING: 1 star

Rating: 1 out of 5.

If you ask us if we still think Frankie’s has the best chicken wings in Manila, we’ll still say yes. They offer several flavors in their menu. There are hits and misses, but the hits greatly outnumber the misses. That being said, we highly recommend the Salted Egg flavor, along with their Classic Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan. Their barbeque flavors also shine as they’re not too sweet and overly drenched in sauce. Caribbean Jerk and Wicked Wasabi (this tastes more like nori) also taste good! All other flavors are decent, but a little improvement won’t hurt.

That’s it for now for our first food review. If you want us to taste test food you’re itching to try, leave us a comment below along with a link to where we can purchase it. Also, we want to know, what’s the best chicken wings you’ve ever tried?



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