Not Your Ordinary Ice Cream: The Lost Bread’s Buffalo Wings and Pop Corn Ice Cream Flavors

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All featured food items contained in this article were purchased by us. All opinions and observations are our own.

Hello dear people! We told you on our first food review that we ordered interesting ice cream flavors for us to try. Well, they’re here and we’ve tried them. And we have a lot to say.

So what about it? They’re not your typical vanilla ice cream. It is claimed that one is as savory and spicy as buffalo wings, and the other as scrumptious as popcorn.

ice cream pints for afternoon snack

It took awhile before we received our order as they have a delivery schedule. It seems that they receive a lot of online orders because the next available delivery date was around 3 days after the date of order. Because of the long wait, our anticipation was built up. But were our expectations met?

Let’s find out.


popcorn flavor ice cream with real popcorn

We originally planned on getting another unique flavor from The Lost Bread‘s website, but we realized later that our international readers would find it difficult to relate. That’s why we ended up with Fun Fair Popcorn. It’s a flavor we all are familiar with which makes it easier for us to gauge whether these ice cream creators hit the bull’s eye.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: Their website claims, “Taste the sweetness of caramel fudge in a milky ice-cream, mixed with chocolate and caramel popcorn bits, and you will never forget the first spoon of this explosion of flavors!”

weird popcorn flavor ice cream for snack

Can we just appreciate the cute tiny popcorns that greet you once you open the lid? We adore this special touch and it makes us feel like eating ice cream is indeed a treat. We don’t mind a few more popcorns, to be honest. (*u*) But this also means another thing: these cute tiny popcorns appear to us as a representation of what the actual ice cream tastes like. The question is, does it really taste like caramel and chocolate popcorn? Ahh, it’s like a double-edged sword.

photo of melting ice cream

Unfortunately, the answer is no. To explain, let us dissect the claims.

Taste the sweetness of caramel fudge in a milky ice-cream,

We detected caramel after two to three spoonfuls of ice cream. This means the caramel flavor is weak. There is also no caramel fudge inside, not even tiny bits. Visible from the outside, you will see caramel syrup instead, but only small traces.

mixed with chocolate and caramel popcorn bits,

There are plenty of popcorn bits, but there was no taste whatsoever of chocolate and caramel. Just plain popcorn bits. At some point, these became annoying to eat.

“…and you will never forget the first spoon of this explosion of flavors!

The first spoon? There was no memory of explosion of flavors. In fact, the first spoon was confusing because we just can’t find the taste of popcorn. We can even hardly detect the caramel fudge. Oh, did we mention there was no trace of chocolate either? The only element that made a close semblance to popcorn is the popcorn bits. The flavor is just too weak. In short, it is utterly disappointing, especially for the price of Php 250 ($5 USD) for a pint.

We cannot help but wonder the what-ifs of recreating a different popcorn flavor instead… let’s say, a plain buttery popcorn. Or maybe salted caramel popcorn? These are more popular popcorn flavors which most people can appreciate, provided that there’s no skimping on the ingredients.

RATING: .5 star

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.


buffalo wings flavor ice cream

Remember the weird chicken wings we tried on our first food review? The Lost Bread collaborated with Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings to recreate what else? Voila! Their famous buffalo wings! We shared before that their buffalo wings are our favorite because it is just amaaazing. Eat it with or without dip, no problem. We will never get tired of its taste. We eat it once, sometimes twice, a month. That being said, we have high expectations.

Since we rave about their buffalo wings so much, we owe it to you to explain why it’s so good. First off, they have the basic option of adjusting the spicyness level according to your tastebuds’ threshold. You can choose from mild, to spicy, to super spicy. They also have different dips to choose from: aioli, blue cheese, ranch, and truffle. When it comes to flavor, is it weird to say that it’s refreshing? There is this zesty quality to it on your first bite, so you’re not immediately inundated with the heat of chili. The initial flavor you get is a zest with a slight hint of sweetness, followed by savory flavor, then comes the heat that makes you grab one more piece. Some buffalo wings are coated with too much sauce which makes it hard to eat because it’s messy, not to mention the sauce overpowers the chicken. Others are just too dry. But Frankie’s? It’s just right. You can even feel the crunchy texture that’s left from the batter after being soaked in the sauce for awhile.

That is why we have high expectations. You can’t blame us.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: From The Lost Bread’s website: “A collaboration with Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings. Milk based ice cream with mild spice coming from Frankie’s signature buffalo sauce and mixed with sweet fried sugar crisps. Together with the Frankie’s team, both brands closely worked on creating an ice cream flavor that plays with both its strengths. Hence the creation of Buffalo Wings Ice Cream made with Frankie’s classic buffalo sauce. An adventurous foodie MUST TRY!”

When we had our first spoonful of this buffalo wings ice cream, we can’t help but shake our heads while trying hard not to laugh. It actually tastes like buffalo wings!

freshly scooped ice cream

This flavor is crazy. It’s wild. And here’s why.

It’s successful in imitating the gradual attack of flavors that we described earlier. Zesty, savory, and then spicy. The only difference is that it’s sweet! (Duh, it’s ice cream.) The sweet fried sugar crisps elevate this flavor to another level. Once you get one of those, it’s like eating buffalo wings with ice cream. It hits you with real spicyness, and the crispiness feels like actual chicken batter. This is one unforgettable flavor. We don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but you have to try it yourself.

If you do not get tired easily of eating savory foods, then you’re going to enjoy this weird, interesting flavor. For us though, the intense blend of sweet and savory flavors became too much after several spoonfuls. We had to stop eating and save the leftover for some other time.

It’s amusing how The Lost Bread was able to pull this off. It must have been a super fun process.

RATING: 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The wait was well worth it. We were able to try unique flavors, and despite one flavor not earning our approval, there’s no regret. Disappointed? Yes. But we’re not regretting purchasing the popcorn flavor because that’s what we’re here for – to have an adventure by trying different kinds of food. We’ll never know if we don’t try, right?


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