Bite-Sized Fish Pops Recipe

Pescatarians, rejoice! If you’re looking for an alternative to chicken pops, then we got you covered. This fish pops recipe is just as flavorful and it is arguably a healthier option than chicken pops. For this recipe, you don’t need anything fancy. Just your choice of fish and some basic pantry ingredients.

We strongly feel that fish pops is a totally underrated dish, albeit its good qualities. Well first, as mentioned before, it’s a healthier option compared to its counterparts. Second, it has a unique flavor since it’s seafood. The soft and flaky texture is a comforting mouthfeel. And last but not least, you can either snack on it or eat it as a meal with rice, noodles, or bread.

fish pops recipe

For dips, both tartar sauce and Japanese mayonnaise provide a tangy and creamy quality which makes these fish pops fun to eat. Sweet and sour sauce? Totally. But if you can’t stand creamy dips, it also goes well with tempura dipping sauce or soy sauce with lime juice.

It’s also quite easy to make it part of your main meal. It’s perfect with stir-fry vegetables or as toppings on your rice bowl. In the mood for noodles? Whether it’s noodles in soup or sauce, these fish pops will definitely contribute to the overall taste of your meal. Suffice to say, when you make this recipe, make a lot of it because you can eat it in many different ways! Just a heads up! ^_^

Unlike our Baked Zesty Garlic Tuna Belly Recipe, our fish pops recipe takes on different roles. It can play a major or supporting role. Just like actors in movies.

bite sized fish pops recipe


MILKFISH – Or any fish that’s been deboned or filleted. Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are most suitable for this recipe. A fish that has dense and firm meat will be easy to work with.

OYSTER SAUCE – Adds color and a mildly sweet flavor. Accentuates the natural flavor of the fish.

GROUND BLACK PEPPER AND GARLIC POWDER – Instead of real garlic, we used its powdered form because it blends well with the thin and flaky texture of the fish. Since fish meat’s texture is more fragile compared to chicken, garlic powder helps in shaping the fish meat more easily.

LEMON – To remove the fishy smell. It’s also a flavor enhancer.

EGG – As binding agent.

FLOUR – As coating to prevent the fish pops from sticking to the pan.

healthy seafood snacks


  • 400 grams fish meat (filleted)
  • 2 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp ground pepper
  • 1 egg
  • Lemon juice from 1 lemon
  • Flour
  • Canola oil


1. Shred the fish meat into fine pieces and set aside.

2. Mix well the oyster sauce, lemon, ground pepper, garlic powder, and egg in a separate bowl.

3. Put the shredded fish in the bowl containing the marinade and let it sit for 30 minutes.

4. Prepare flour in a separate bowl.

5. Form a small fish ball with your hand, squeeze excess liquid, and coat with flour until the entire ball is covered. Repeat until all fish meat has been made into tiny balls.

6. Pour canola oil up to half of the frying pan. Make sure the level of the oil can submerge at least half of the fish pops.

7. Heat the oil up to its boiling point.

8. Carefully place the fish pops in the frying pan spaced at least 1 inch away from each other.

9. Let fry for 1 minute or until golden brown and then flip to fry the opposite side. Cook until golden brown.

10. Take the fish pops out of the frying pan and place them in a container lined with paper towels to absorb excess oil.

homemade fish pops with mayonnaise



The flavor of the oyster sauce is enough to make these fish pops tasty. So you don’t need to add salt to this recipe.


You can absolutely coat the fish pops with bread crumbs if you’re into crunchy food. However, doing so limits the suitability of this dish to blend seamlessly with foods with wet ingredients (such as noodle soup) as the bread crumbs will become soggy.

fish pops seafood recipe card




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