Hello! We’re husband (Ros) and wife (Monica) who, just like any other everyday food enthusiast, take great pleasure in eating and trying different kinds of food. We have a balanced diet, i.e. we eat mostly healthy food on weekdays and binge-eat junk food on weekends. We’re not picky eaters, but we have our [reasonable] standards.

We love experimenting in the kitchen, trying online recipes and even concocting our own. As novice homecooks, we will document our culinary journey, including our hurrahs and oopsies, in the kitchen.

Here, we will share with you food reviews, home made cooking attempts, recipes, and other food experiences that will satisfy the curiosity of a foodie at heart. So cook and eat with us!

Need to know more about why we do what we do? You may email us at: hello@cookeatwithus.com