Not Your Ordinary Ice Cream: The Lost Bread’s Buffalo Wings and Pop Corn Ice Cream Flavors

So what about it? They’re not your typical vanilla ice cream. It is claimed that one is as savory and spicy as buffalo wings, and the other as scrumptious as popcorn.

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Salted Egg Wings and One That’s Wrapped in Bacon Then Deep-Fried? We Tried Both and Here’s What We Think.

We have a few intriguing foods already lined up for our first food review. Truth be told, we were supposed to review bizarre ice cream flavors for you, but we failed to place our order before the cut-off date, so let’s just do that next time. Nevertheless, we still have something special for our first food review! We’re huge chicken wings fans and we have it at least once a month.

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Just Like You, We Love Food

Japanese matcha green tea desserts

This is where it begins. But what is this? To make it simple, this is an online diary of all our food adventures. We will document all our memorable encounters with food, whether it be eating or cooking, alongside with our homemade recipes that you might like to try in your very own kitchen. We’d […]

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